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Startup.Guru is a program for anyone who want to start and scale and sell a business from scratch and make it profitable

within six months with no upfront investment.

You'll learn how to rapidly extract profitable business ideas, get paying customers without a product, get others to execute it for you for you, and

ultimately, predict the success of your next product before you ever risk time or money building it.

Most importantly you have a coach and a group of entrepreneurs who will help you when you are stuck.

      Sounds too Good To Be true!

I was surprised and shocked when I heard about this method. Over the Past decade I was able to personally learn from the finest businessmen and coaches in the world and based on what I learnt from them I have combined that into this fool proof method.

I love to travel and explore the world and explore different countries and culture meet new people. I was traveling to the USA Due to my carelessness I spent  lot of money on my credit card. without realizing that I don't have the money in my banks when I reach back to India.I fell into deep debts due to excessive spending. I had to somehow get out of this debt i put myself into. No one was willing  to help me. (Its a killer, When You need Help the most no one is there to help.)

            But I was Determined

 So I started going back to all the notes that I had written down when I attended the training programs suddenly I saw the dot connected. I saw the missing the link. You See Necessity is mother of all inventions I immediately applied the techniques and I started seeing money coming to me in the first month itself. By the third month I had paid of my entire debt and was in positive cash flows. 

One of my friends was in a similar situation. I applied the method to him. He left his job in 3 months and now runs a very successful business. I started working with more and more people and this method was working in each and every situation. 

This Program is Not for you if:


  1.  You will sit on the couch and dream about money coming in and solving all your problem. This program is not for you.
  2. If your looking for a get rich quick scheme this program is not for you. 


This system requires you to work for 3 hours everyday 5 days a week. If you cannot give me that this model is not right for you


The way you do business has changed


In 2020 business can be started with a click of a button and you don't need a posh office to start making money. As you take steps to grow in your career. You will begin to realize getting a job is not as exactly what you imagined.

 Just like technology has advanced in other areas like cell phone, medicine, health, finance. If you remember 5 years back mobile phone were so big with very little technology today you have smartphones where you can do anything and everything with a phone.

Similarly startup technology is advanced to a level where it will be very difficult not to make money. But the key to success is choosing the right program and the right product. We’ve got you covered.

By joining our Ultimate startup coaching program, you will be able to startup a business and start making money within the first 3 months. With Over 12 years experience in Running the largest IT education business in the world I will make sure you succeed in your business. 

We know you have a choice of lot programs to choose from, so it is our goal to make this program the very BEST!

  • Bonuses

    • Personal coaching  This will Help You eliminate  any fear
    • Ultimate Sales Mastery  How To Presell Before Investing Any Money In Your Business
  • Dates

     Registration Closed for 2020

Details Of Ultimate Startup Coaching Program



  • Mindset of a entrepreneur - Download my brain and become the kind of person who starts profitable companies from scratch over and over.


  • Billion Dollar Disruptive Idea Selection - How To Find And Select Profitable Ideas Even When You Have Nothing And Pre Sell Your Product In Advance.
  • Goal Setting On Steroid - How To Set Goals So That You chances Of Achieving is guaranteed
  •  Start, Scale, Sell Model -  How To start a Guaranteed profitable business, scale it up to level where larger companies can buy it at a premium. In the investing world it is said that real money is made when you sell a business. 
  • How To Hire, Delegate, Outsource - Real Freedom will happen only when you Hire, Delegate or outsource Your task and you have time what you love to do most.
  • Automate Your Sales - Create A product that will sell itself over and over again
  • Selling From Stage: Become An Inspiring Stage presentor which attract massive audience and get sales
  • Brand Recall : Formula To evergreen brand call
  • Master Financial statement: Learn how gross profit, Ebitda, PAT impact your business
  • Guirella Marketing: How to Customers Without spending much cash
  • Data Driven decisions: How to take the Right Decision through data
  • Infographic DesignI: how to create infographic design to grow your business
  • Website Marketing: Learn to generate more leads with your websites
  • Learn How to Create viral content for all social media channels
  •  Get local and national coverage for your business
  • Master cold call: easiest way to make massive money fast
  • Affiliate Master:How to partners and affiliates to sell your product
  • Get your first 100 dream customers
  • Investor secrets:  Raising Investment and selling your Business
  • Buying  And Selling Business: How to evaluate, buy and sell businesses
Inside Startup.Guru
What To Love About Startup.Guru

  • 3 Membership Levels
    • Gold Level Monthly Membership -- Rs.5000 per month - Access To Quaterly Meets, weekly group coaching calls, PDF and Videos with once a month personal coaching call.  
    • Platinum Level Monthly Membership -- Rs. 10,000 per month and Personal coaching Session twice a month,Access To Quarterly Meets, weekly group coaching calls and and weekly group coaching calls. 
    • Titanium Level Monthly Membership -Rs. 20,000 per month and Personal Coaching Session 4 times a month, Access To Quarterly Meets, weekly group coaching calls and and weekly group coaching calls. 

    Top Features

    • Weekly Solutions Webinars -
      If you face any challenge in starting and scaling your business. we have weekly webinars where you can ask experts any questions you have.
    • In Person Training:
      Nothing substitutes frequent In person training
    • Six Monthly Conference 
      Where All Members assemble at one place and share the successes and discuss solutions and develop strategies for the next 6 months
    • World class Website(Done For You) : 
       Make a world class website on the latest technology which will represent your virtual address .
    • Social Media Training :
      Execute Your Social media Content like twitter, facebook. linkedin, instagram, blogs etc, release hypnotic content on a weekly basis
    • 100% Practical training -
      Experts will come with you in field to help you with Billion Dollar Idea Selection as well as help you get the first customer.
    • Learning Management system -
      Learn from the comfort of you own home through our training videos and pdf
    • private access to Facebook group
      You will have access to Facebook group for so that anytime you have any questions you can post it and get immediate answers from the community.
    • Email, Phone and Whatsapp support - 
      If you get stuck anywhere just call us, email us or whatsapp us and we will respond to make sure you solve your query
    • Comfort of a job and freedom of a business 
      Many people give up their entire life so that they have safety of getting monthly salary. What if I give you a method where you will money keeps coming to you automatically month after month. with you working just 2 to 3 hours a day physically.
    • Live infeild trainings and demo- 
      Nothing substitutes real life demo of closing sale. We will have infield training and real life demo so that you know exact steps to take from start to finish.
    • Fail Proof Client management system -  
      How to get a client and service them so that stay with forever.

Harsh has helped me leave my job and start a business where I have the freedom to roam around the world and become my own master."

Arun Ramchandran, Employee to employer

It was Do or die situation for me and I was doing 10 things told by 10 people and none of it made sense to me and i was loosing money trying different things like blogging, domain reselling etc. I was very confused. Finally harsh gave me a system where I had a path to walk on. today I run a successful business. thank you harsh

Hari menon, entrepreneur, sydney australia

About Harsh Bharwani
With over 20 years of experience in building the largest IT training company in the world. Harsh helps people Start, Scale and sell businesses
Harsh has trained over 3 lakhs students in Employability, confidence and success. Harsh has also written the highly successful book called It's My Life at a young age of 21. The book was inaugurated by the former deputy prime minister Lal Krishna Advani. He is a certified fire walk instructor, health and success coach, master neuro- linguistic hypnotherapist and reiki expert. He has served as a VP- International business, Vp - Sales and Marketing, VP - Dedicated Services, Vp - Human Resources, Vp - Placements, Vp - Cirriculum Development and Delivery. Harsh is a 4 generation Entrepreneur and is currently help youngster all over the country to start scale and sell a business